Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Neglecting the blog once again!!

I fear there is a severe lack of blog entries on our blog! Let me bring you up to date!

Lets start with the summer antics.....my goodness where did this weather come from? Almost as bad as England. Rain, rain and more rain, our back garden is like a mud swamp! It is August and we are just beginning to get some nicer weather, more sunshine and less rain.

My sister and nephew came from the UK to stay for a couple of weeks and we had such a fun time. We went camping in a log cabin in the White Mountains for a week. We did some fun stuff including swimming in the pool, playing crazy golf and the very cool tourist activities that you find everywhere! We went to Squam Lakes nature center. Fantastic place, lots of animals and a lovely walk too. We also went swimming in the lake near us here, we went to Boston for the day and relaxed and had a good time!

This week Barney's Dad and his wife are coming from the UK for a week, so I am sure more fun stuff is in store for us. After that, Barney's Mum arrives for the duration to help with the kiddos, until after Christmas I think. Then my Dad arrives in the middle of September to visit for 2 weeks too! Then it will be about time for these little guys to be born. Which brings me to that story.....

Well, all is as well as can be expected. Both boys are growing nicely and are the same size (about 3lb each). Needless to say, I am almost the size of a full term singleton Mummy! The amniotic fluid for both boys is fine, so we are hoping that it all stays that way! I am feeling OK, just less able to do the things I used to be able to. All my bloodwork and levels are good, but it is time to take it easy :-)

I do have more pictures of the boys, but I have yet to scan them in to post them, I will make an effort to do that in the next few days. Ha ha, heard that before right?

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  1. I know how things can get busy! Glad to hear the boys are growing well and that your fluid levels are on target. I do hope they stay that way!