Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthing Center visit.....

.....we ended up in the Birthing Center yesterday early morning. During the night Thursday, I was getting the worst abdominal pain (although I knew it was not labor). I called the midwife at midnight as I could not sit, stand, walk or lie down. She suggested that it sounded like round ligament pain from the growing babies and I should try a hot bath. I tried hot towels instead and this calmed it down a little. I got back to sleep at about 5am and then woke up at 6am with a start. My whole belly was really painful and rock hard and the pain was enough to take my breath away. I once again called the midwife and she asked me again if I was in labor, and I told her that I really did not think I was!

My midwife met me at the Birthing Center at 7am yesterday to make sure everything was OK. They hooked me up to the baby monitors and belly monitors, but the boys were not co-operating and were moving around! They ended up doing a quick u/sound to make sure that boys were doing OK. They were wiggly, but fine!

After tests to rule out appendicitis, UTI and other abdominal problems (all negative), the midwife ran a bath in the Jacuzzi tub - wow that was nice!! We have a tub at home, but not one I could float in and lay down in!! I want one!! She also did an exam and found I am starting to dilate a little and that Sam is very head down and wiggling around lots. A combination of Sam wiggling and the round ligament stretching is causing all this pain and guess what..... just one of the many happy times in pregnancy! The midwife gave me some painkillers to take for when I go to sleep amd she also prescribed a recliner! Not literally, but she suggested we buy/borrow one.

I think I am in for lots of long nights and the need to put my feet up!! I am not sure how much longer we have before the boys are born, but it is not going to be that comfortable.

Last night I slept from 10-2 in the bed and them from 2-4 in the recliner (yes we bought one!) and I got up at 4.30! I can nap later, it is Saturday. Gonna have a warm bath in a bit and see if that helps.

I was never this sore with Grace!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another hospital appointment...

We went to the hospital again yesterday for an ultrasound of the boys. We are now 32 weeks and it is becoming more difficult for the hospital to measure everything for the twins as they are getting so big. Everything looked fine though, Luke's estimated weight at the moment is 3lb 14oz and Sam is growing at a similar rate, but without the head circumference in the equation, they find it harder to guess the weight. The amniotic fluid in both sacs is similar too which means that the chances of developing excess fluid in Sam's sac is minimal. We did not get any pics of Sam yesterday, but we did a couple of Luke and I guess I should post them up on here at some point. I just have to get around to scanning them in!

We had a meeting with the doctor after the ultrasound and she said that there may be a possibility that we will have to have a c-section. Luke is horizontal across the top of my uterus with his head by Sam's butt who is diagonally head down. The chances of Luke shifting to head down are minimal and that would mean a breech delivery for Luke. Which, under normal circumstances would be fine, but the largest part to come out for both boys will be Luke's head and there is concern that he may get stuck.

We have another ultrasound in 3 weeks where we will see what is happening with Luke then.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Neglecting the blog once again!!

I fear there is a severe lack of blog entries on our blog! Let me bring you up to date!

Lets start with the summer goodness where did this weather come from? Almost as bad as England. Rain, rain and more rain, our back garden is like a mud swamp! It is August and we are just beginning to get some nicer weather, more sunshine and less rain.

My sister and nephew came from the UK to stay for a couple of weeks and we had such a fun time. We went camping in a log cabin in the White Mountains for a week. We did some fun stuff including swimming in the pool, playing crazy golf and the very cool tourist activities that you find everywhere! We went to Squam Lakes nature center. Fantastic place, lots of animals and a lovely walk too. We also went swimming in the lake near us here, we went to Boston for the day and relaxed and had a good time!

This week Barney's Dad and his wife are coming from the UK for a week, so I am sure more fun stuff is in store for us. After that, Barney's Mum arrives for the duration to help with the kiddos, until after Christmas I think. Then my Dad arrives in the middle of September to visit for 2 weeks too! Then it will be about time for these little guys to be born. Which brings me to that story.....

Well, all is as well as can be expected. Both boys are growing nicely and are the same size (about 3lb each). Needless to say, I am almost the size of a full term singleton Mummy! The amniotic fluid for both boys is fine, so we are hoping that it all stays that way! I am feeling OK, just less able to do the things I used to be able to. All my bloodwork and levels are good, but it is time to take it easy :-)

I do have more pictures of the boys, but I have yet to scan them in to post them, I will make an effort to do that in the next few days. Ha ha, heard that before right?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day ay DHMC.....

...and what a long day it was!

First was the ultrasound, the part I was most anxious about. It took a little while for them to do it as there was a resident Dr on rotation learning how to do ultrasounds. But it showed that Luke was 1lb 11oz (ish - give or take they said) with a HB of 149 and Sam was 1lb 10oz with a HB of 140. Both looked great, there was no change at least. PHEW - another 4 weeks until the next one on July 27th.

I do have more pics, but have not scanned them in yet, but I will over the next couple of days and post them. Both babies were hiding behind their arms this time!

I will post more another time, am quite tired tonight :-)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pericarditus update...

Barney went to see the Cardiologist today and he would like to get to the bottom of why it keeps happening and returning so quickly. So Barney had to have lots of blood tests and he goes for an ECG tomorrow afternoon. He will see the Cardiologist again in 6 weeks time.

The Cardiologist wants Barney to go and see the Auto-Immune Dr again to see if his dry mouth is an auto-immune disease, which can cause Viral Pericarditus. It can also be triggered by a cold too, but they still need to know why!

I guess once they can get to the cause they can try to cure the Pericarditus. So something else to add to our list right now! YAY

Back to DHMC tomorrow for the twins too - U/S, Maternal Fetal Medicine Appointment, Pallaitaive Care Appointment and hopefully a tour of the Birthing Facility too. I will post again with more news in the next couple of days.