Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day ay DHMC.....

...and what a long day it was!

First was the ultrasound, the part I was most anxious about. It took a little while for them to do it as there was a resident Dr on rotation learning how to do ultrasounds. But it showed that Luke was 1lb 11oz (ish - give or take they said) with a HB of 149 and Sam was 1lb 10oz with a HB of 140. Both looked great, there was no change at least. PHEW - another 4 weeks until the next one on July 27th.

I do have more pics, but have not scanned them in yet, but I will over the next couple of days and post them. Both babies were hiding behind their arms this time!

I will post more another time, am quite tired tonight :-)


  1. I'm glad your boys are looking great! Carleigh always had her arms up by her face too! lol

  2. I know, it is comical to watch. As soon as the tech put the 3D probe on, both of them hid! Maybe they did not like the vibration??

  3. That could be it. Maybe they're tryin to say 'quit bothering us!' :) hehe