Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow, Snow and More Snow

It started to snow on Friday afternoon and has not stopped!! Here is the view out of our back door this morning!

Yesterday I spent 2 hours while Grace was asleep digging out our driveway and a path round to the back of the house for the oil deliveries!! Last night we had our snow blower fixed by a friendly neighbour, so today will be much easier.

This morning we took Grace out in the snow, we had to build the snowman 2 feet higher as he was nearly gone. It was amusing watching Grace try to walk as the snow was above her waist!! Grace insisted that she wanted the snow on top of her so we buried her up to her neck for a few moments! She then decided she wanted to get out and was not so impressed when it all went in her face!! We came inside at that point!

The snow is still falling rapidly and will be for another 24 hours or so!! I will post more photos when the storm is over!

And to end, Grace came up with a classic comment this morning - "Look at Daddy's Tail"!! Don't you love it when they are this small??

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