Sunday, December 7, 2008

It is Sunday!

Today is Sunday! What a great day to start a blog :-) Grace is sleeping and we have been grocery shopping this morning. We have a beautiful Christmas Tree in our front room and there is snow on the ground outside. Barney is skiing at Okemo!

December is always busy, but I feel even more so this year. Grace knows that Santa Claus (or Father Christmas) is coming, but is not quite sure, who or what he is. She knows that the tree is pretty and she knows that there is a little picture behind a little door on her advent calendar every morning. I wonder what being 22 months feels like? Everything is so new and you want to learn more and more every day. Then Christmas happens - YIKES - what is all this music, glitter, lights and busy-ness?? She will find out soon enough.

This afternoon Aunt Jane is performing in the Bel Canto concert at the West Lebanon Congregational Church. We are excited to be going with Grace!

Yesterday, Grace's friend Emilia came over and they decorated cookies for Christmas. Was it messy? Not as bad as I thought, but I think the two of them ate more than they decorated! Toddlers on a sugar rush - it was fun :-)

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